Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Season's Greetings

Is that right: do you put an apostrophe before the s in "season's"?  That's the impression I always got when people wished somebody "the season's greetings", but maybe I'm wrong . . .

Anyway.  I can't sleep.  Again.  So I decided to post a quick something because I'm really excited about it and I'm a geek.

It's finally here! Now I just have to wait until NEXT CHRISTMAS to see it.  And then the Christmas after that for the second part.

Yeah.  It's so worth it!

Also, new doodle:

Technically it's for S&C, but I've been trying to put together a Christmas card in a more "cartoony" style and the concept sort of bled over into what you see above.  Done in Illustrator.  I always seem to head over to that program when I want to do something "fun" and "quick" and "mindless", and it always turns into something not quick and finicky and draining (sometimes in a good way).  But I did have fun - and that was the main point.

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