Monday, February 6, 2012

New Sketches

I've been drawing a lot lately.  Not from life, unfortunately.  But I have so many stories and pictures running around in my head I have to do something with them to be able to get any sleep or peace at night.

I scanned in everything new last week, hoping for once to make my weekly updated deadlines for Silkwood & Co. and Robin Hood Project.  But for some reason that I have yet to explain, I color corrected everything wrong in Photoshop.  And not just  - "Oh, you're being a perfectionist" wrong.  More like the "what were you smoking" kind of wrong.  Ugh.  I think I'm going to have to re-scan everything, too.  Annoyances.

Of course, I didn't realize this until I had uploaded everything on the blogs.

To punish myself, I'm posting some of the less horrific ones here for anyone too lazy, or kind, to go to the blogs to see what I mean.

Marcus, from S&C

Marian, from RHP

Sketches, from S&C

Sketches, from S&C

Can you see what I'm talking about?  The drawings on brown paper are ORANGE!  How did that pass the sniff test?!

Breathe. Okay.

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