Monday, August 6, 2012

The Madness Continues

I am scrambling to finish things before I leave next week, but here are some photos of a warm-up I was working on this weekend.

These were the first "paintings" I have done in a while - confining most of my artistic pursuits to drawing in the past few months.  Color has never been my strong suit.  Drawing - love it.  Value - bring it on.  Color - ah . . . wha . . . is this . . . I don't  . . .

Yeah.  Color doesn't make sense to me.  I pick up the brush and look to my pallet and I'm . . . just lost.

When I was in school, my professors would make fun of me for limiting my pallet so much.  But it was the only way I could control the colors and the structure of the finished piece.  Fortunately, I managed to incorporated some reds and yellows in a few projects and they stopped harassing me.

Now, I don't want you to think that they didn't try to help me with my color problems - they did.  They tried very hard.  And conceptually, I thought I understood the process they were trying to get me into.  But whenever I took up the brush and applied the colors I saw them using . . . well, it's probably better not to talk about it . . .

Windsor Newton watercolors on an Arches cold-press block.

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