Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hutchmoot Countdown: Part I of III

Ugh.  I have less than three weeks to throw a website together.

I've decided to do this one step at a time.  Start small.  No need to kill myself trying to do the epic one all in one go.  You can see the banner that I am going to use (for now) above - what do you think?  I've applied it to all the sites I have here on the Internet for continuity.  I like continuity.

I am almost ready to give all the pieces to my sister for her to work her magic upon.  Heehee, delegation is good, too.

I'm just kidding, Daniella, I love you, and I am VERY APPRECIATIVE of your magnificence and expertise.

When it goes up, it will be a temporary holding site.  Nothing fancy.  I will keep you updated as the "real thing" comes into being.  Maybe this isn't the best way to do things, but it's the only way I can see of getting all of it done, so.  I can say is that the temp site will be up until the real site is finished.

As far as Hutchmoot goes, my two friends and I who will be embarking on this epic adventure together have sent in our preferences as far as what sessions we will be attending.  I have this mad idea that we will document our trip with a kind of steampunk flair . . . or not.  I haven't actually run that by them yet . . . so.  Heads up, guys!

Oh, OH! OR maybe we can make up our own story along the way - Iain McCaig style . . . oooooooohhhh, that has possibilities . . . . I'm gonna have to think about that one . . .

Here are some watercolor studies I did over the weekend.  2.5"x3.5" on Strathmore Illustration Board.  I still hate scanners.  And editing.  The originals look so much better and I can't figure out how to get close to that with editing.

Original scan.

Edited Scan.

I'm still working on the face.  I got to noodling with the color and details too much and I don't know if I am going to be able to save it, but . . . we'll see.  I might just sound the retreat and try again another day.  Here's some quick shots of the WIP.  Little better.

Also, I just recieved our first assignment from Eric.  SO EXCITED!

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Unknown said...

I'm super excited to see your website! Can't wait to have a place where I can see all of your artwork in one place (besides the homestead).

Editing note: incorrect form of "to" early in the post, should be: "too"