Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hutchmoot Countdown: Part II of III

Two of my "refined" sketches for SmArt School.

After the watercolor fiasco of last weekend I was feeling rather discouraged. Frustrated with myself and art and etc.  I'm feeling rather inadequate on almost every front and it's a very hard feeling for me to fight.

If only I could translate what I know about drawing - straight black and white value and drawing - to paint, we'd be good!

After the class with Eric and Rebecca I was feeling a little more encouraged.  I felt very conscious of the deficiencies in my portfolio, but I was also motivated to push on through and get better.

Also, I need to find a broadsword. Or something similar.

I have found a new (for me at least) illustrator.  He's Russian Bulgarian and lives in Greece, I think.  Of course none of his books are available in the US.  Why I don't know because his illustration is top-notch!  His name is Svetlin Vassilev.  From the very limited amount of info available about him, I think he's working in watercolor and acrylics.

New art always makes me feel better for some reason.  


Anonymous said...

Hi, very beatiful illustrations, congratulations!
Just for information Svetlin Vassilev is Bulgarian, not Russian.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, thanks for the info! I'll correct that, thanks again!