Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Drawing Challenge Day 1 - Ship

Ever had those days when nothing seems to go right?  And you started out the day with such high hopes and you just didn't perform?  Day 1/day-2-that-became-day-1 were those kinda day's for me.

I liked the sketch.  It had certain qualities - it had potential.  But I couldn't do it justice.  I ended up overworking everything and getting happy with the grey wash and lost sight of what I wanted to do with the piece.  It didn't have any of the energy, the direct, intentional, and confident expression that I was looking for.  Not a bad idea - just not well executed.

In the end I think I achieved some of the narrative aspects I wanted.  The piece works pretty well compositionally, though there are several tangents that should have been addressed.  But overall, for a piece that I spent about 10 hours on, it could be worse.

Could be better, too.

My thoughts at the close of the "first day", after finishing the first piece: It's hard to go to bed disappointed with yourself.  It's great to be excited and hopeful about learning a bit and training my brain to sit down and work on art everyday and looking forward to improving.  But really, this could turn out to be 29 more days of "wow, I forgot how difficult making good art is (i.e. wow, I think I'm really bad at this)".  What have I gotten myself into?

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