Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Owl + Goldfish = Dragon?

Here's what I am (still) working on.  Dragons, dragons and more dragons.  I was looking at snakes, eels, alligators and lizards for reference, but I have since moved on to owls, seahorses, horses and turtles, and I'm not quite sure what else.  Maybe goldfish.  But it's good prep for my next super secret project (already in the works, I've started the 'required reading' and stuff).  You wont see much of the process for a while; it's a surprise gift for someone and I'm not sure how often they check up on me here.  But Dragon Tamer gets done first, and as you can see, the prep-work has been much more substantial than I anticipated (as well as holiday festivities throwing off my groove).  I've still got a maquette in progress.  And the rest of the plot outline to write.  And the painting to finish.  By the eighteenth. Oh, dear . . . 

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