Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Hobbit

I'm not going to see it.

For those of you who know me, please don't start calling me to ask if I have a brain tumor or something.  I don't, first of all.  Maybe I'll see it someday.  But I have things to do first.  And one of them is getting all my ideas down before they're altered or influenced.

And second, I'm just not interested in TV all that much anymore.  I'm going to finish watching Alias, I think, and then I'm gonna stop.  It's just not worth it anymore.  I get all judgmental about portrayal and characterization and story.  I get so worried about all of it, and I'm tired.  Life should have more to look forward to than television.  I think it's become a spotlight in my life rather than a garnish and I'm really disenchanted with the whole industry right now.

And you know, after not watching the Lord of the Rings movies for a couple of years and going back and rereading the books a couple of times - it just means more to me.  All the elements and nuances, I really love the books.  And all my old vision of them is coming back, I think.  And I'm interested to see what my own personal artistic vision is capable of.  So.

Am I going to miss not having seen them on "the big screen"?  Maybe.  But there's one thing I've learned over the years is that it all comes back.  At the very least it'll be showing somewhere in theaters again before the 3rd movie comes out.  Maybe then I'll be able to just make a day of it.

Also, as a side note, I haven't seen the trailers.  I haven't read the articles.  I am trying to be very all encompassing about not knowing anything about it.  So if you know me (like in real life), don't come telling me about it after you've seen it (and I know all of you are going at midnight, together).  Don't be jerks.  I will also be avoiding Tumblr for several WEEKS after the debut, because, really, it's like SPOILER ALERT out the wazoo.  I know when a new trailer's come out because my feed is absolutely FLOODED with gifs and screen shots and you just have to wonder what it is that these people DO all day.  I mean, really?  HOLY CROWS, guys, do you know how many times I've nearly killed myself trying to shut down a page with my eyes closed?  It's gotten to the point that I just see a HINT of beard and . . . it can get scary.  I know all the cues for the trailer's on TV, too.  I have run into many walls trying to leave the room with eyes closed and hands over my ears.

I am listening to the music, however.  I have pre-ordered the album.  Because I'm pretty sure Howard Shore eats lunch with angels or something.  At the very least he has some part of Tolkien's brain in a jar somewhere, because in all seriousness - an echo of that music is what I heard when my dad read it to me as a kid.  No joke.

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