Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thoughts and WIP

I've been struggling with this one - a lot more than I anticipated.  The whole piece feels like a representation of everything that is and is not going on in my life right now.  One of my problems with the piece is that I think it has potential, but I don't know how to go in, grab it, and drag it into the light.  Working smaller was supposed to make this easier and faster.

It's much easier to get strong darks with the watercolor on Strathmore 500 Illustration Board, but I cannot tell you how surprised I am that I am leaning more towards the Arches Coldpress Watercolor Paper.

Still attached to the watercolor/colored pencil thing.  It appeals to my inner OCD.  Which might be a bad thing.  I've been following a couple of people who are involved with the Moleskin Project #2 which is going on at the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco.  I think I have a Moleskin lying around and I am playing with the idea of taking it on Family Vacation next week and doing a couple of little studies in watercolor and colored pencil as well as some graphite drawings over the course of the week.  If I have time.  I still need to work on my execution and endurance.


The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Well, I think it's looking wonderful, Sara.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Kim! I'm learning stuff, so that's good.