Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Camel Market

This was for a line of teas from all over the world.  This one was, obviously, from India.  I'll try and put some pictures up of the final box design when I get it all photographed.  This was (another) gouache and watercolor on board.  

I've showed this to several people here, and it's interesting what people notice first.  I think it says something about their intelligence level (or mental perversion).  I'll have to show it to a few more people and record the results to see.  Comment and tell me what you notice first.  It's not a trick, there are no hidden images, just the guy and the camels, but it is a matter of perspective, I guess you could say...


Jen Betton said...

What, that it's a bunch of camel butts?

Anonymous said...

yeah, is that what it is? because that didn't really consciously register with me immediately - but then again, that could be because i am more accustomed to animal butts than the average person... ; )

i personally like it. i like how the camel in the foreground is lighter in color & draws your attention, along with the man being in white. (and i think what i notice about it is that the camels all seem to be leaning toward / interested in something off to the left. what's over there? now i want to know, too. ; )