Thursday, November 27, 2008

More from the Erie Canal

So I had a little fun in photoshop with this one.  Both are the same painting, but I tweaked the levels in photoshop, just to see what would happen, and viola!  Early and late fall.  

This is another small gouache on brown paper.  This one was really fun to do, I just sat down and it came out.  Sometimes I really feel bad for taking credit for these, I look at them and think, "I did that?"  I'm not used to painting well.  I've liked so many of the pieces that I've done this semester.  It's both freeing and a little frightening letting the creativity flow out of  me.  In a lot of ways I have to let go of my control and just paint and allow things to happen.  Its kinda mind blowing and mind opening at the same time (blows your mind open).  Haha.  Yeah, the funny-ness still isn't working.  

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Anonymous said...

i *love* this one (these two?) - i really love both, but something particularly grabs me about the late fall one... i don't know, it just fits somehow. : )