Saturday, November 29, 2008

Public Transport

I hate public transportation.  Actually that's not true; I hate busses.  Subways are fine.  Trains are fine.  Busses however, hmm yeah, not so much.  First the bus I was on didn't go on the route it said it was going to go on, so I walked about two miles getting to my destination.  And I did not get on the wrong bus, I checked later, they just didn't go where they said it would.  THEN, I waited for two hours yesterday, TWO, for a bus to stop at a designated bus stop over in East Syracuse.  Did one ever come?  No.  And when I finally found a place where they did stop, there was not little sign that told people that the bus stopped there, mind you, they wouldn't let me on because the bus wasn't going to where they thought I wanted to go.  So then I got to wait for another hour.  Anyway, I wasn't a happy camper yesterday.  Didn't do any work, except make my portfolio, which is beautiful, I'd like to tell you. Oh, and I finished my sister's Christmas present (Haha, and I'm not going to tell you what is is either, cause she's going to come here looking). Anyway, that's my rant, it's out of my system, every-thing's good with the world.

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree about buses. that's a lesson we could learn from europe - trains & subways are the way to go.